The sense and nonsense of international driver wages

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There is a negative image about the deployment of international drivers by Dutch or internationally oriented organisations. The negative focus is mainly on a difference in salary. Currently, the net salaries of East-European drivers is already close to that of a Dutch driver in a number of countries. But what is even more relevant is that in their own country, the drivers are either unemployed or working for a fifth of the salary. In that case, we would rather see the glass half full; now they have a job with a better salary than in their home country, and they can take care of their family. The resulting net purchasing power they have in their own country is often even higher than a Dutchman with a Dutch salary in the Netherlands.

We take good care of them. These people have a very good work mentality. And that is an important value that fits perfectly with the way we are committed to our customers.

It is not very different from Dutch companies having Polish employees come here for technical, production and logistical work. Work that the average Dutch person does not care about. There are as many as 400,000 Europeans working in our small country. Why do we consider this normal and is it generally accepted while the transport industry is criticised? Is there too little information known about it? It may be important that we start collectively – from the industry – sharing more facts and figures about this. Another important fact is that the international drivers are available. This allows us to make the best possible schedules for our customers. And planning is key to our business.

We like to show our partners, suppliers and customers our services and our policy regarding ‘people’. That is why this year, we will regularly interview a driver and share their story with you. We start this series with Martin Totev Marinov from Bulgaria. We are also in the process of collecting more figures and facts and will share these with you in the coming year. Stay tuned! Keep an eye on our blog.