Sustainability. A term that belongs to transport?

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Sustainability does not have to be at the expense at results. At Cars&Cargo, this theme is high on our agenda. From our own experience, we know that organisations can apply this without compromising their results.

For instance, we only drive from A to B, and never to or via C or D. Always on our way to or from a customer. We plan our routes based only on the order of our customer and do not drive any empty kilometres in between. If we load in the Netherlands for Marseille on a Friday, then the driver will drive over the weekend and be at their destination on Monday morning. We do not have a large parking lot where our trucks are nicely lined up during the weekends. We can deploy our drivers more efficiently, which reduces the number of kilometres we need to drive and the CO2 emissions we produce. Of course, this is all within the rules of the European driving and rest hours legislation.

What are your ideas about sustainability in the transport sector? Share them with us, we would love to hear them. You can even swing by our office to talk about it over a nice cup of coffee.


Bob Snijder