In view of the recent strong developments in the diesel pricing, we are nevertheless forced to implement a diesel clause. This will take effect from March 1, 2021.

What does this mean for you as a customer:

We have assumed a basic diesel price of € 1.10 (excl.) Per liter.
If the price of a liter of diesel oil on the 1st of the month is above or below the basic price, we will charge a surcharge for assignments in that month.

Surcharge calculation:

Formula: (X – Y) / € 0.04

X = price liter of diesel oil per 1st of the month excl. VAT
Y = basic price, set at € 1.10 / liter
€ 0.04 = Each change of € 0.04 from the basic diesel price represents an adjustment of 1% the rates.

We use the prices as stated by market leader SHELL. You can follow these prices at:

The diesel surcharge will be stated separately on our invoice.