Our Cars&Cargo values

There's a reason we're the market leader in transport from the Netherlands to France and vice versa. That is because we take our role seriously and always strive to set the right example.

  • We are no nonsense

    We don't like fuss. We are down to earth, goal-oriented and straightforward. This allows us to communicate honestly and openly with our customers. The world in which we operate is fast-paced, ad hoc and it's all about safety and reliability. We can only do our job well by being transparent in our communication.

  • With us, an appointment is an appointment

    We always keep what we promise. And if we cannot guarantee that, we also dare to say 'no' to our customers. Only in this way can we fulfill our agreements.

  • We use fair prices and the best service

    Our team is highly motivated every day to provide the best service. We work quickly and efficiently so that we can offer fair and competitive prices to our customers.

  • We are reliable and committed

    Integrity is our top priority. This works both ways and only then can we do our job well. We continue to invest in a sustainable relationship with our customers.

  • We are passionate about our profession

    Transport is our passion. The complexity, hectic pace and time pressure that are inextricably linked to this keep us sharp and motivated so that we excel in our profession.