Our Cars&Cargo values

There is a good reason why we are the market leader in the field of transport from the Netherlands to France and vice versa. It is because we take our role seriously and always strive to give the right example.

  • With us, a deal is a deal

    We always honour our promises. And if we cannot guarantee something, we are not afraid to say no to our customers. This is the only way we can fulfil our commitments.

  • We communicate openly and honestly with the customer

    The world in which we operate is fast, ad hoc and revolves around safety and reliability in our business. We can only do our work well if we communicate with our customers in a transparent way and expect the same in return.

  • We maintain fair prices and the best service

    We treat every customer with our best service. Our team is more than ready to help every customer every day. We work quickly and efficiently and we have the best planners in the world. That is why we can always offer our customers attractive and fair prices.

  • We can blindly trust orders from our customers

    Integrity is one of our priorities. This works both ways and is the only way we can do our job well. The delivery reliability is essential to our customers. We often work under great pressure, but we continue to invest in our relationships with both our customers and suppliers nonetheless.

  • And, we are awake before the world is awake!

    Even before most alarm clocks in the Netherlands go off in the early morning, we are already at the office. With a cup of coffee, ready to conquer the day. We have already gathered our information and know where the drivers are and where any incidents are occurring, which means we can respond quickly and adequately.